Things To Do In 2015

I’m that person who has a specific notebook only for New Year’s resolutions. Each year I look back over what I was supposed to achieve the previous year, tick things off (cursing myself for making vague resolutions that aren’t easily quantifiable) and give myself a percentage score. Then I write a new list. Except I don’t call it New Year’s resolutions, I call it ‘Things To Do’. I first made that list in 2009, and since then I have failed to learn how to snowboard and play guitar, go to Disneyland, write more gig reviews, be cooler, find out what kind of books I enjoy reading, make more stuff, learn more about music, be more organised and better filed, play more piano, finish decorating the house, be a laid back mummy, be more positive and more grateful, and love the cats more. I’ve achieved some stuff too, but somehow that list isn’t quite as interesting.

I’ve just ticked off 7.5 out of 13 Things (I was meant) To Do in 2014. It occurred to me today that I should probably check the list half way through the year to give myself the chance to try a bit harder on the things I’m not doing so well with. For some reason this almost seems like cheating, like I need an additional aspect to the challenge whereby I have to first remember all the promises I have made to better myself and then achieve them. At the moment the internet seems to be full of blog posts and articles about how awful New Year’s resolutions are and how they only make us feel bad about ourselves. But who exactly is forcing you to make unachievable resolutions and beat yourself up about it? The ominous words “lose weight” have been top of every Things To Do list since 2011, and this year I finally got off my fat bottom and did it. So long, three stone! See you again NEVER. Actually being able to tick that off the list this time only adds to the satisfaction and pride I feel. And yeah, every fat New Year’s Eve I’d look at that particular resolution and feel a bit glum about it, but I needed that reminder that I’d let myself down again, because it was important that I didn’t give up. So overall I think New Year’s resolutions are brilliant, and here are mine for 2015, as scribbled in my purple notebook:

  • Maintain that weight! Go you, size 12 girl!
  • Blog more, or at least write down ideas for posts when you have them
  • Get a tattoo that means something
  • Celebrate turning 30 in style!
  • Don’t worry so much about all those things you never get done. One day there will be time. For now, concentrate on being a calm, fun, organised mummy, and staying well
  • Fervently be yourself, about everything and to all
  • Be even less of a bitch than you were this year
  • Go through every drawer and cupboard and get rid of some stuff
  • Attempt to learn some new hair styles before you cut it all off
  • Get those toddler scrapbooks up-to-date
  • Dance even more. Be even sillier. Keep grinning at stupid things and vocalising your ridiculous thoughts. Feel delirious at nothing. This is life. You do you.

I’m ending 2014 completely exhausted but fairly content (for someone who is rarely content), and I think this year’s list of Things To Do is my favourite yet.

Happy New Year 🙂